Week 4 Kettlebell Workout

Hi there, after a slight delay we're back on track! Here's another new workout to try out this week. We've mixed up the format to keep your body guessing, but most of the exercises are your old favourites. Just 15 minutes of effort then you can relax and feel great about yourself. Don't forget to feedback with your comments.

Try this out with a slightly lighter weight than usual if you normally struggle with 1 minute repetitions as we have 2 minutes for each exercise - whoop whoop!

This 15 minute workout should really get your heart pumping and kick start the metabolic effect of continuing to burn calories long after the workout is finished.

Warm Up: About 4 minutes getting all your joints mobile and muscles warm. A gentle jog is great too if you have more time.

2 MINUTES  of each exercise

1) Squat with Overhead Press 

2) Calf Raise with Overhead Press 

3) Tactical Lunge 

4) Shoulder Press 

5) Hip Swing 

6) Tricep Extension

1 MINUTE HOLD Left side Plank (with hip lifts if possible)

1 MINUTE HOLD Front plank on elbows

1 MINUTE  HOLD Right side Plank (with hip lift if possible)

Cooldown and stretch - well done!