Mini Kettlebell Workout no 2

Hi Guys,

For those joining in the Tidworth Kettlercise class, or just those wanting a new workout at home, here is your second week of Harriet's mini kettlebell workout to keep you going over the next seven days. It follows the same format as before so it's a descending ladder set, 3 pairs of exercises (A&B, C&D, E&F) Complete 10 of exercise A, then 10 of exercise B, 9 of exercise A, then 9 of exercise B, 8 of exercise A....until 1 of each exercise. Then take a 1 minute rest before repeating the 10, 9, 8 process with exercises C&D,  rest for 1 minute when you complete that set and finally do the countdown for exercises E&F. Warm up with some crazy dancing beforehand and have nice stretching cooldown afterwards to chill out and recover! 

The exercise pairs are:

Set 1: (harnessing the muscles in your legs for a real fat blaster)

A) Squat overhead press

B) Tactical lunge

Set 2: (get the heart pumping to up the calorie count)

C) Left hand single arm swing

D) Right hand single arm swing

Set 3: (zap the butt and core to flatten your stomach and protect you from injury in your future workouts)

E) Hip bridges

F) Pull overs

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.